First up... watch all the fun we had last year!

Do you want to ride a 600m inflatable slide down a picturesque West Auckland slope?

Hang with awesome people, listen to some funky beats and eat good food?

Do you want to see depression and mental health issues talked about openly and honestly on a massive scale in the national and international media?

Do you want to see the mental health stigma reduced so people know it's ok to ask for help?

Then buy a ticket to the World's Biggest Waterslide, have one of the best day's of your life and support a charity who is doing all that and more!

The Details:

These are the ONLY tickets available for purchase.

The World's Biggest Waterslide event will be on the 12th, 13th and 14th of February 2016 at Jonkers Farm near Bethell's Beach in Auckland, New Zealand.

You can purchase as many tickets as you like and you can choose to use them for yourself or give them away to your friends, your enemies, your colleagues, your company, a random person you've never met... anyone (as long as they are over the age of 16.)

Check out the FAQ's at the bottom for more details...


Night Slide Tickets - $129 (Friday night only)

  • Well not 'NIGHT' exactly... We're doing a special Friday afternoon / evening event (4-8:30pm) and sliding into the beautiful West Auckland setting sun!
  • BBQ dinner & refreshments
  • The knowledge that you contributed to helping people with their mental health and Live More Awesome function for another year. Thank you

Full Day Tickets - From $99

  • A ticket to one full day (8hrs) on the World's Biggest Waterslide
  • All the usual event goodies; At least two other slides, bands, DJ's, food trucks, yoga, smoothies, inflatable activities, mental health resources and anything else we can think of!
  • The knowledge that you contributed to helping people with their mental health and Live More Awesome function for another year. Thank you


What's happening on the day?

The general details so far are that the slide will be open from 10am - 6pm each day. There will be entertainment throughout the event in the form of bands, DJ's and other assorted acts yet to be announced. BYO picnics are welcome and there will be food trucks and vendors available to purchase food and beverages from, but just like last year this is strictly a No Alcohol event.

What is the waterslide made of?

The slide is 100% inflatable with a 45cm inflatable base (like a bouncy castle) so the ride is nice and soft. 2016 will also see the introduction of some super slick toboggan style mats for those of you that want a little extra speed & comfort.

Is this ACTUALLY the longest in the World?!?!

Yes, Guiness says so, check the pic at the top! And we're also kinda the tallest...

How can I help?

Firstly, buy a ticket, come along! After that, share it with your friends, family, media, whomever...

Secondly, head on over to the LMA Volunteers Facebook Page, we're always asking for help over there. We need help with things like sponsors, PR, event logistics, lifting & moving, bodies on the day etc...

Is there an age limit on this event?

Yes. The World's Biggest Waterslide is R16 due to health and safety. Sorry kiddies, time for Mum & Dad to play!

Friday 12th Feb Night Slide
Saturday 13th Feb Full Day (Only 157 left)
@ $99 each
Sunday 14th Feb Full Day (Only 126 left)
@ $99 each
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